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House viewings affected by Covid? Increase viewings and reduce contamination risk with 3D!

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We don't want 50 potential buyers in our house after Covid lock-down ... luckily our Estate Agent offered
us a 3D Virtual Tour ...


85% of future buyers wish to make an online visit before making a first visit...


You now only need 10 minutes to visit a property. With online access, you can easily switch from one property to another with just one click.


Choose the ideal scenario to show your property. From start to finish, you are in control and decide what your buyers can see.

Estate Agent

Organise visits from your office without the need to go on site. With several people or with clients living abroad, anything is possible!

Changing Real Estate Forever

Widespread adoption of property technology has changed the market in less than 6 months

"Rented out at least 45 apartments without any in-person viewings during the period April 1 to May 31 2020 thanks to virtual tours."


"Averaged over 2,500 unique virtual tour views in a two month period, with a conversion rate of 75% when the client had viewed a 3D virtual tour first."


Open with your SmartPhone Camera


No Going Back and Why Would You

Todays buyers are digital natives who:

  • Decides online before visiting

  • Active on mobile platforms between
    19:00-22:00 and 02:00-08:00

  • Don't look for traditional sales talk 
  • Decides to visit when buying decision is already almost made - just to verify

  • Reads and writes peer-reviews

  • Benchmarks - Your status matters

  • Your CSR and Environment matters

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  • LinkedIn - White Circle
  • Twitter - White Circle

Demography drives change in the way buyers get information that drives their buying decisions


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25-45 year buyer segment prefers 3D Virtual Tour


Virtual Real Estate saves Time and Reduces Risk

Be at the forefront of your business and lead your business through the pandemic

We operate across the Nordics and Central Europe, and each and every one of our specialists are committed to making a difference for our customers and for society as a whole.

  • We now also deliver our 3D Virtual Tours on Funda in the Netherlands.

  • Improve your ability to safely show houses for rent or sale and at the same time improves your everyday efficiency.

  • Buyers wants to drill down to matters quickly and sellers want to reduce their physical exposure

Open this with your SmartPhone Camera

Large Estate


Open this with your SmartPhone Camera

Renovated House

Now on Funda in
The Netherlands



We bring you the most advanced Virtual Tour

Our 3D Virtual Technology is simply the most advanced available on the market today


Professional photo resolution (134 megapixels) and 1% 3D accuracy.
Great for scanning any size space with unlimited 4K photo capture 
quality and floorplans with 1% accuracy.



Laser measured accurate
generated automatically

Is your property empty? Let us add furniture to it and provide you with a full vectorised graphic for your advertising


Save high resolution 4K
Print & Web Ready Photographs
from any angle in the Virtual Space that you like

Allegade 10A
Strand Alle 7
Strand Alle 7
Strand Alle 7
Byaasen 45
Byaasen 45
Byaasen 45
Gammel Strandvej 48F
Gammel Strandvej 48F
Gammel Strandvej 48F
Gammel Strandvej 48F
Nordre Strandvej 8
Nordre Strandvej 8
Nordre Strandvej 8
Allegade 10A
Allegade 10A
Strandmarken Humlebaek
Strandmarken Humlebaek



Check out this Fully Renovated House

Our client is inviting visitors to view the house 24/7/365 using our 3D Virtual Tour and services!

Retailers and business owners can’t afford to be in a wait-and-see mode. First, they need to reimagine their baseline requirements and then turn their attention to taking their customer experience to the next level. Luckily solutions exists.

Link to live site: Online Play Shop

145 unique visitors per week



Introducing Live Guided Tours

The New Concept to Remain in Control of the Sales Process and Meet with your Customers

A virtual meeting room on top of a 360º tour, this feature can be best described as a marriage between a Video call and Virtual Tour. Use your virtual tour on your website and allow your audience to dial in and have you talk and guide them through the virtual tour. They can look around on their own or follow your screen to have you point out details and give a personal (sales) presentation. They can also request to have their screens be mimicked on your and everybody else’s screen to ask questions on specific parts of the tour.

145 unique visitors per week

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